So after a busy year already whats this more ? yes indeed this time from AMON AMARTH, after the documentary and some short work at download festival I was tasked to create a Tour Promotion Video for AMON AMARTH SKELETONWITCH and ENSLAVED, I sepnt a few days getting the clips i liked and finding the right points to cut the video.

The video ties in nicely at the end back to Father of the wolf which is perfect for this video ! on a side note I’m a little bit desperate to see the EPIC music video for Father of the Wolf, currently in Post Production with my good buddy RAMON B (In Waves, P.O.D & more) at StudioRBFilms

Anyway feel free to check it out and let me know what you think !

USA Tour Promo

I also generated a set of TOUR ID’s for there UK and euro leg along side CARCASS and HELL and BLEED FROM WITHIN (UK ONLY), i’ve also been invited out on the road this november to film all that happens on the Viking Longboat ! more to follow

UK Tour Promotion

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