Amon Amarth – Forging Mjölnir Part Two

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Today Marks the release of Part Two of Three for Amon Amarth’s Forging Mjölnir, Very happy to see the Documentary finally out in the wild, you can view it right now on the Amon Amarth Mini Site:

Early Mornings

So continuing from where I left off, having settled in with the band and Andy, I began rising early to get some of my nature shots & Time lapses, unfortunately the Time Lapses didn’t make the final cut although it taught me a-lot for next time I feel like using them !

When the band weren’t recording I drove them to local towns for outings and food runs this made for some of the interesting B-roll of buggers banana’s & boots, Big Johan has the most effervescent personality and it was fun capturing it, he can go from deep to goofy in about 3 seconds you can see this in some of Part 3, to come next week

The interviews were going well at this point and we got into a good rhythm knocking them out in around 1/2 hours per band member it took a little coaching as the idea was there wasn’t an interviewer shown just the band taking you through their story, I was also shown some rare glimpses of the real men behind the bands powerful image, it was an astounding experience & stories filled with joy and life’s usual ups and downs, something I’ve come to appreciate with the bands I’ve worked with it’s not all it’s cracked up to be .. it’s hard work and sacrifices at every turn are part of the life

As filming was drawing to a close I was rushing around making sure I got all the shots I needed and all the last bits of B-roll and off on my way i went, bidding farewell to the band, feeling exhilarated by my experiences and further more feeling like I’d made a connection with a few new people, including Scott Atkins, who produced two of my favorite albums from SYLOSIS

I’ll post more of my Story with Part 3 !

You can also check out there new track Shape Shifter

And Part One of Forging Mjölnir if you missed it is now public

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