Earlier this month I was approached once more by my friends at @roadrunner USA they wanted me to create another Tour Advert for the Mighty Metal-heads KVELERTAK for their up and coming US tour with HIGH ON FIRE, WINDHAND and the awesome DOOMRIDERS, it was a short turn around but I still wanted to try something new, I tried a few blur masks as a backdrop for the dates but it was just to overpowering, in the end I had 3 different text animation styles.

the 15 second clip needed to be clear but obviously quick! I opted for a perspective roll, to do this I animate one tour date and then just duplicate the style to the remaining dates and set the spacing as i see fit here’s an example:

15 Second Spot

There were 3 final clips the 30 second and 55 have slightly different styles to make use of the times best, feel free to check em out and let me know what you think ! I always makezure (see what I did there … ?) where I can to beat match by hand everything I can, I think it adds so much more depth to these sorts of promotions!

30 Second Spot

45 Second Spot

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