Scouting & Lens Testing

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Last week, I was away working on a yet to be announced project, in the beautiful surroundings of Derby. For my shoot I needed an extra lens so I turned to having never rented before it was a daunting prospect, however the team there eased my worries and offered an extremely personal and professional […]


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I returned on Sunday from my Scouting session and I wanted to share a sneak of the beauty I’ll be surrounded by … Scouting is a fundamental part of making great videos weather it’s a live shoot or a more planned project, it takes out the guesswork and replaces it with thought-out considered shots and […]

Preparing Equipment

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So today I’ve been preparing all my equipment testing everything works as expected sadly my Timelase equipment hasn’t arrived yet which means I might have to do some Timelapse shots after my allotted film time. On a positive note sound and lights are ready to rock !

Gojira Publish & Secret Pre-Production

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Gojira Publish & Secret Pre-Production

So today Metal Maestro’s GOJIRA went ahead and published the video I shot late November 2012, they were a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with them again soon! you can check out the video right here on my VISUAL page. Onwards and upwards the present! for the past few months I […]